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Aging and Adult Services Division Online Video Conference Registration

 Aug 22: videoconference-web streaming was added. The Beltrami County Administration Building, Goodhue County Citizen's Building, Isanti County Family Svcs Cambridge. and Todd County SCHA Long Prairie are added.

September 12 - Added sites: Ramsey County Human Services.

September 26 - Added sites: Beltrami County Administration Building, Fillmore County Courthouse, Goodhue County Citizen's Building, and Ramsey County Human Services.
 Thank you for your interest in a video conference session sponsored by the Aging and Adult Services Division. Please print this page for future reference. New sessions are added monthly. For a listing of current or past sessions please see the video conference training webpage. This page provides the archived webstreaming links for sessions from the last 90 days. (Note: topics and dates may change without notice. Registration is typically opened 3 - 4 weeks prior to the session date).
 You will be asked to select a session to register or you can elect to only receive the materials used in the session if you are unable to attend. Every question shown with an "*" is a mandatory question. When finished, a confirmation page will be shown for you to print. It includes a confirmation number that is required if you need to cancel your registration. Registration for a session will be closed three (3) days prior to the session. No registrations will be accepted after that date. Each site has a maximum number of seats. If your desired location is filled it will be listed as full and you must choose an alternative site or webstreaming. Session materials will be sent to each registrant prior to the session via email. Individuals with a disability who need a reasonable accommodation to participate in this event should click on the question that asks for "special needs." A staff person will contact you by email for more details. Please note that it may take up to four weeks to arrange for an ASL interpreter.
 To register, select an event and click Next - Register. If your event is not listed in the dropdown list, it is not open for registration yet, it is full, or past the enroll date. By registering, you understand that the session will be videotaped with the possibility of your visual and audio likeness being recorded for reproduction and distribution.
 To receive class materials only, select a program below and click Next - Class Materials Only. If your event is not listed in the dropdown list, it is not open for registration yet, or it is past the enroll date. Note: if you registered to attend by webstreaming, the handouts will be sent to you. Do not register for Class Materials Only also.
 Canceling or Changing a Registration
 You will not be allowed to change a registration once it is submitted. You will need to cancel the initial registration and re-register again. Check that the site you wish to attend is open before you cancel the initial registration. Cancelations can only be processed up to 3 days prior to the session date.

  You may cancel your registration by entering your complete confirmation number (alpha and numeric characters) and click Remove.